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# 1 3 Captains looking for a fleet
02-12-2013, 11:28 AM
We are 3 experienced Captains looking for a small to mid sized established fleet with plenty of active players & contributers. Preferably Tier 3 or above.
Would like a casual, relaxed and friendly environment where rules are few n fair and voice comms are not mandatory or required.
We also would like a fleet where there are opportunities for promotions to high ranks.

We are tactical captains, 2 of us with science alts. Very experienced in Elite Space STF's and fleet missions. However we do lack in ground experience, it isn't our strong point but are willing to learn. We don't partake in serious PvP however interfleet PvP for fun is always welcome.
We are friendly and like to help others when we can.

Have extensive knowledge on the Doff system and assignments, as well as character and ship builds. We are good contributers and like to earn our keep.
We are a valuable asset to any fleet and very loyal and commited.

As you can understand we all have real life obligations and these come first, however we always aim to do our best and are as active as possible with game time varying between 12-25 hours per week.
Time zone - GMT

All 3 of us are Lifers.

Would like a trial run before commiting fully to any fleet as we would like to be 100% sure that we are making the right decision.

If you think you are the fleet for us please mail us with information @bpharma, @bmovie queen or @mrsinister82

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