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02-12-2013, 11:34 AM
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it wont give you a discount due to being a free ship ?

any ways who thought it a good idea of giving the fleet ambassador more hull that the fleet version of the sovi refit/regent ? , sorry but this seems a little odd to me seeing it is an older design . mind you this is cryptic we are talking about they do odd things at times
It's probably because that's more hull than the Fleet Excelsior. Which again, is a problem with the Excelsior in general... it gains extra turn for no cost at all. Or, alternatively, the Fleet Assault and Star Cruisers lose either a point of turn rate or some base hull for not benefit.
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As shame it's almost a negh'var for everyone but Tacs. My sexy stays locked in it's crate till my Chel Grett gets replaced by an authentic battlecruiser for KDF tacs, and I need a lolship.
...You mean, like the Tor'Kaht?