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02-12-2013, 11:40 AM
the problem is, there is nothing within the system that favors size, size in every instance is a negative, wile the smaller the ship is the better it is. which is insane.

all cruisers and escorts and sci ships have basically the same hitpoints, and the smaller they are the better they turn, with no actual bonus for being larger of any kind.

bigger ships should have more consoles, more hitpoints by like 5k, even more bonus power, and more universal stations if they are going to be saddled with terrible turn rates. turn rates should be calculated based on ship volume, that should be calculable in the ship modeling program used to make the models. quite a few escorts are bigger then cruisers, yet turn far better and have far better inertia.

turn rate is extreamly impotent for dealing with incoming fire, turning defensibly to protect shield facings is life saving. if you cant do that, you cant tank near as long, and you have to out heal incoming damage, something much more difficult and station power intensive then simply moving so a stronger facing is getting hit. most fed cruisers that die, die with 3 healthy shield facings
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