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02-12-2013, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Any feedback on the potential performance of this vessel?
Well we're getting used to see more and more powerful ships release after release, and complaining about it seems pointless since nothing changes anyway.

Performances? Well it's expected that people will use a Lt tac or sci in the universal boff slot. This cruiser already get 2 active space doff slots available due to the ensign + lt tac, so you don't need two conn officers to get your twi tac teams. They will use instead a warp core engineer to boost their power levels and 3 damage control engineers to spam EPTS 3. With a 2 parts romulan/omega set, this ship will have insane power levels, and of course, it will be almost unvulerable with a sci boff in the universal slot.

I fear that

Commander eng: Eng team 1, RPS 1, EPTS 3, Aux to sif III
Lt tac: TT 1, APD 1
Ensign tac: TT1
Lt Universal: HE 1, HE II
LtCmdr sci: TSS 1, polarize hull 1, TSS 3

Will make it the ultimate tank with the doffs i mentionned. This ship can likely outclass any cruiser in game due to the lack of useful eng power abilities.

You've just released an unkillable beast with this universal Lt slot combined to the two ensign tac slots available. Congrats!

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