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02-12-2013, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Here is our first exchange on the topic.

Here's my response.

Here is your "be the better man" response.

So let's sum up shall we?

1) Your first post claims a nebulous "unexpected boosts" for DHC/DC as "the go to weapons."

2) I tell you directly that the issue is not with DHCs/DCs, the issue is that pressure damage has been drowned out by passive resists and healing.

3) You tell me to learn to read, and then follow that with trying to re-write the thread and claim I'm the one not providing constructive feedback, in favor of flaming/trolling.
Sux you and webdeath got into it. I was following both of your responses. Anyways I dont quite agree with your statement in red. In my opinion we wont know if that is true until they actually "fix" pressure damage or in general the way beams deal their damage. Which is the primary way a science ship or cruiser will deal their damage. AND until they nerf tactical team down to five seconds. Part of the problem with healing right now is the time time spent in between healing with 10 seconds of 360 degree burst damage resistance courtesy of the superb shield distribution granted by Tactical Team. In my opinion when they address those things then we can see where healing is and we can make minor changes to heals and healing passives if necessary. Not before changes to damage or the resistance provided by Tactical Team but after.

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