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02-12-2013, 02:13 PM
My idea. Each coach gets to administer a test, thru PMs or Google Docs. (Google docs will let them put their name in it)

Like every other written test sugjestion.

But the practical test should NOT be a 1v1. Maybe even have the coach figure out balance, and have the 2 teams balanced so 5 Students + coach vrs 5 Students+coach. Because PvP is about teamwork. Can the Students Organize their team to victory. The coach WONT Help organization, all coachs just do whatthe last thing said in chat was. if X says "Attack Minimax" Then Y says "attack Sargon" Right after, the coach will go after sargon. let the team figure out how to coordinate. Pvp is all about coordination. Hey sure u can do a 1v1, but can u listen to directions?

Just my imput.