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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
I'm hoping, just hoping to re-spark the creative genius of a Second Dominion War .

In my story J'mpok is losing control. He has lost face with the hardliners after the Federation trumped him.

At the moment I see him in a very similar light to a "Mussolini" desperate for his own glorious conquest after the stalemate with the Federation and those trying to undermine him in the Omega Force.

Knowing that the Cardassians will prove little resistance, and convinced that Starfleet are too engaged with the Romulan crisis, J'mpok moves to conquest across the Wormhole into the very heart of the Dominion demoralized by their tactical withdrawal. (I used Hilter's Ardennes Counteroffensive, the last ditch attempt at a major victory as inspiration)

Throughout this epic saga, I want players to think "Oh my ..., I am in the middle of the frigging Dominion War here!"
I don't think that's such a good idea, from a tactical standpoint. Once the Federation cracks down on the Klingons sending huge fleets and supplies and construction ships through the wormhole, J'mpok's forces would be cut off. No tactician would make that hasty attack.

I'd suggest attacking the Cardassians. That way, J'mpok has a foothold in that area of the quadrant, which he can then exploit to pressure the Federation to allow forces through the wormhole.

Alternatively, the Transwarp conduit in the Omega Leonis Sector Block could be "pointed" at the Gamma Quadrant, bypassing the wormhole.

Just some food for thought. I'll still build off of your story idea, if yours is what you want to start off with.

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