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02-12-2013, 01:39 PM
Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
Because beams weren't cutting it anymore for my Science captain... Target whatsystems now?... I switched to an all turret build.

It is the shizznit. I'm dealing far more more in the way of ouchies to the game's mobs than before with beam arrays, and that's with the weapons that are supposed to suck and you should only use for the proc. That's in regular play, I can't imagine it being any better in PvP or STFs.

To sum up: Beams do need some help.
Yeah. I recently tried out a 5 turret/1 torpedo build on a sci ship and was surprised by how dramatically the rapid fire cannons skill upped the ship's DPS. A single lt. commander tac officer basically turns the ship into an omni-directional laser hose. Overall DPS was higher than when I used 5 beams instead and I got procs and criticals more often. I'm going to try this on a cruiser later today, but I'm pretty sure a six-turret/two torp setup on a cruiser's going to be pretty much the same.

When the weakest cannon in the game is far more useful in general than any beam weapon, there is a problem.