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Hmmm. No. I'm not wording my statement differently. And when did I ever say it was "my" build? Its obvious you still don't understand what I wrote. It's obvious that Hurley and mostly many other readers did. And if turning is not how you would keep the nose of your escort pointed at the target how else do you suppose to do that? If your escort does have a high degree of turn and you are still having trouble keeping your ship pointed at the target then I suggest you join one of the many excellent Escort Coaches at the next PvP Bootcamp. I'm sure they can help you with your ship.

-Captain Tripwire-

p.s.: Omega makes you immune to tractor beam and repulsors. (Not the damage just the negative/positive repel), eject warp plasma (the movement debuff not the burn) and photonic shockwave. Aux2dampeners makes you immune to negative repels and stuns only. Polarized hull makes you immune to movement debuffs such as tractor beam only. (Minus any changes to the skill I might not currently be aware of).
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