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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Well, DOFF'd PSW1 to reduce the CD on Nadeon Trics...when Nadeon Trics could spread. Course, they still can - but the Friday notes for Tribble changed that, so it's likely it will be gone this Thursday. No more nerdgasms.
Yeah I know all of those tactics it just doesn't measure up to a LC skill option although if you look at the romulan sets they were designed around using photonic shockwave and then tractor skills as a secondary. Just poor design imo if you are going to design a set with that much of a dilithium tag on it and is designed purely around a skill that not really anyone would ever want to use in its current form. When comparing it to the combination of thie Fleet K'maj with a romulan set on it. I'll probally just use a DHC/DC/2x photon 4 turret setup and drop engineering heals and sci probally heals since the days of all sci's in pvp they were nerfed and never looked at again for balance purposes.

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