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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the problem is, there is nothing within the system that favors size, size in every instance is a negative, wile the smaller the ship is the better it is. which is insane.
This is a very good point. Its somehow opposite linear thinking from the norm, were big has always been better. Only here, smaller is better. What i wish is that Cryptic somehow followed Wold of Tanks take on how they balance their game. If you are a light tank you're fast with a high top speed, maneuvarble, hard to target but have a sucky gun that wont do much damage, and you die easy. If you're a medium tank you have an oki good gun that will perform good for its role, have decent speed and mobility, but if you get shoot at you cant take many hits before you go down. Lastly you got the heavy tanks. You're slow as heck, can barely turn with low top speed, but you have one helluva of a gun that will annihilate everything, and you can take a poudning before going down.

So question is; Why cant STO somehow balance around this to make each ship perform an obvious role it was intended for?
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