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02-12-2013, 02:21 PM
I was basing those ideas off the one he just recently shared.

>J'mpok launches an attack against the wormhole aliens.

Now, If that is the case the Borg wont know about it for a good long time because they haven't encountered the Dominion or the wormhole aliens yet.

>Contribution to the thread: Perhaps he uses the transwarp network to get there.

In this case, it is possible the Borg will notice since Transwarp conduits are Borg technology which the Klingons and Feds have reverse engineered, the Borg might have some way of detecting them from very far off.

> Another suggestion contributing to the thread: The Klingons attack the Cardies first, intending to go for the wormhole later.

In this case, the Borg's involvement would be incidental but still logical as this is a destablized region of the alpha quadrant, a region the Borg are trying to attack as it is and close enough to their foothold on Deferi for there to have been a small taskforce there.

So yeah, I know I'll be building stories off what Dark Frontiers gives us to start with, I was just throwing out the ideas that came to me from what little he gave us to start thinking about.