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Originally Posted by sovereign010 View Post
Makes me wonder what the best loadout for this ship would be, as a Tac/escort captain my experience is really limited. Didn't take me long to work out that to convert dil to enough zen to buy the ship and also buy fleet weapons for it would use up all of my Dilithium
Well, there are a few ways to go and you can always buy cheaper white or green mk xi consoles/weapons on the exchange to test out folks ideas.

Personally, I think that beams are substandard enough that running a 2 torp/6 turret layout using cannon tac abilities will get you better DPS and more procs than running a 2 torp/6 beam layout. It will also mean you can pretty much just concentrate on positioning as you'll deal roughly the same DPS no matter what direction you're facing. The Excelsior's better turn rate means you'll have an easier time bringing your torpedoes to bear or rotating wounded shields out of the way.