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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Why does the Ambassador get a turn rate of 7, that feels like an 8 (probably because the model is small and the turn axis is good - another long unattended balance issue) get more hull than the Odyssey class which has a turn rate of 6?
Here's the reason the Ambassador has a great "feeling" turn rate. it has a turn of 7 with an inertia of 40. By comparison the Oddy has a 6/20, the galaxy a 6/25, the regent a 7/30 and the excel an 8/40

That's why the ambassador feels nimble... it's the inertia. I think the problems with the turn on the oddy and galaxy would be best served by raised their inertia by at least 10 while keeping the turn they already have. And raising the regent by 5.
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