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02-12-2013, 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by someone7x View Post

See, her main abilities are Gravity Well 3 and Tyken's Rift 2.
I would highly recomend droping the Tyken's Rift. To see why challenge her to a pvp dual and sit there while letting her use it on you. Tykens is entirly underwelming.

I recomend bumping the gravity well 3 down to level 1 as this wont make a huge differance to its performance, then use the commander science slot on energy syphon and use the flow capacitor consoles.

Why do this?

1) Deflector officer doffs will work on both these abilities. Use three and you can use them both a lot more often.

2) The damage and size of gravity well are both effected by your auxilery power level. Energy syphon is a nice enough debuff, it will help soften up boss ships and other players better then tykens would, but primarily it is a buff. Using energy syphon gives you a nice boost to all your power levels. So the auxilery power buff will boost your gravity well, and you get boosts to your other power levels as well to boost conventional dps and tanking.

I hope this helps.