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Well, my personal theory is some kind of genetic mutation due to some unknown reason... like environmental factors on Romulus and/or Remus... maybe the Romulans just had to have some Augment DNA too, after all those darn Klingons got it !

I also think that working in the mines for generations is what made the poor Remans
so fugly....

And just so you know, of course we Q are above limiting concepts such as time but we also like to be entertained.... so we rarely peek what's going to happen next... most of the time...
One fan-theory is that the split between Romulans and Vulcans involved more than ideology. That the ancient race had a certain inherent variability that was lost when they split apart. Thus the split was, at least in part, a split between sub-species of the race.

Why? Well, Vulcans are apparently fundamentally different from Romulans. Romulans CAN'T do mind melds. It's not that they lack the training, it's that they CAN'T learn it. The idea here is that Surak's followers were the subset of society with the strongest psionic abilities, and that the future Romulans were those with weaker abilities.

Romulans appear to be somewhere around halfway between humans and Vulcans in terms of physical strength. Which may have to do with the gravity of the worlds they grew up in.

But..... a lot of TOS era Vulcans AND Romulans wore headgear that obscured their foreheads. Why? Maybe it's purely decorative, maybe.... truthfully, it'd be a retcon if it involved forehead ridges though.

One interesting thing with the ridges is that they vary a lot in prominence. Some are barely noticeable(Cretak and Neral) while others grab your attention and throttle it(Valdore)....

Anyways, the basic idea is that prior to the racial split there were some vulcanoids who had the ridges and some that didn't, and that most of the ones that did went to Romulus.

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