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Yeah. I recently tried out a 5 turret/1 torpedo build on a sci ship and was surprised by how dramatically the rapid fire cannons skill upped the ship's DPS. A single lt. commander tac officer basically turns the ship into an omni-directional laser hose. Overall DPS was higher than when I used 5 beams instead and I got procs and criticals more often. I'm going to try this on a cruiser later today, but I'm pretty sure a six-turret/two torp setup on a cruiser's going to be pretty much the same.

When the weakest cannon in the game is far more useful in general than any beam weapon, there is a problem.
really? and you parsed this?

becaus from my parsing in my jem'hadar dreadnought - 7 turrets, 4k dps. 6 turrets + 180 torpedo - 4.1k dps. 6 turrets and regular fleet mk xii quantum torp - 4.1k dps. 7 turrets and 2 torps - 3.8k dps

6 beams+180 torp - 5.08k dps. 3 dhc, 3 turret, 1 torp - 5.4k dps

i used the foundry mission 'battleship 1 on 1' for all of the parsing. this is a mission that keeps you in battle for 15-20 minutes straight and only has you fighting one target at a time, no aoe cheesing

and even if tehre WERE aoe cheesing, the 360 degree nature of beam fire at will > cannon rapid fire with just turrets.

anecdotal evidence is bad.