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02-12-2013, 03:10 PM
Along the cooldown lines mentioned before look @ other energy weapon's procs and their counter's cooldown:

Phasers: ET as low as 15 seconds, w/immunity of 5 second from ET as well as stacking immunities. Also has crew interaction to bring systems online quicker.

Tetron: There is none, but it's resistable like plasma fire is, iirc. ~2500-3k damage total iirc w/high flow cap investment.

Disrupter: TT clears iirc which has 5 second window in chain cycle.

Polaron: Idk if it can be cleared tbh, but it's resistable.

AP: CritD is it's extra proc.

Plasma: HE 30 sec global, hull resists to reduce damage, chains crits.

For projectile procs:

Tric stun resistable via Aux2damp, trics like plasmas can be shut down and has high payload of kinetic damage. Aux2damp has a shorter cooldown than HE.

Cronts can't be cleared, but can be made immune from effects and resist effects.

Transphasics have bleedthrew damage and the 1 crits all issue.

Quants and Protons don't have 2ndary effects to speak of.

In the end it seems inline to me.