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02-12-2013, 03:14 PM
Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
110% agree, especially the "hate" part.

I think cryptic made excel too good compared to other non STO era ships, especially the Galaxy. In STO the Excel is superior in almost any way, while it should be the other way round. I don't get what Cryptics devs where thinking.

Personally i never liked it's appearance, i hated it in 1984 and i still hate it today.
No it's not a beauty queen... it's your daddy with a machine gun! IT'S SERIOUS and gonna get the job done!

I love it, it's tanks well as any other and I have never felt the need to add an RCS console to it... which means you get 1 more slot for some other more useful console.

A nice plus is to be able to Transwarp to all the major systems including Tau Dawa. Unlike the T3 version, the Transwarp never fails.

Besides the looks, you'll never regret getting the ship.

The Galaxy's need another Tac console to start making sense.