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02-12-2013, 04:25 PM
Originally Posted by pwstolemyname View Post
I would highly recomend droping the Tyken's Rift. To see why challenge her to a pvp dual and sit there while letting her use it on you. Tykens is entirly underwelming.
I half agree with you, but only half. Tyken's Rift is appallingly weak, and desperately needs a buff, like most sci powers. But in PvE its AoE damage can be a huge advantage, especially used in combination with Grav Well. GW is up for 20 seconds, you can then immediately hit TR and that will be up for 15, so that's 35 seconds out of every 60 that an enemy will be totally unable to use heavy plasma torps or boarding parties on your team. With CSV you can use it at the beginning of the cycle, and then again near the end to give your team a further 5 seconds of cover, for a total of 40 out of 60 (or you could alter the timing and make it 45 out of 60). I'm not sure how FAW operates, but if it has a similar 10 second uptime you'd get the same effect that way. Combine that capability with the small drain it gives (and remember that it stacks, so the total drain is double the tooltip value) and TR might just be the best anti-boss support power sci still has.

The flipside is that Energy Siphon 3 is probably about 50% better drain (haven't actually used it, but it looks like that's the way the numbers are going) and is a nice self buff too (and that buff doesn't end with the death of the target as I thought it might). So there's certainly a strong argument for it as well.

I currently use ES1 on my Vesta, along with GW3, TR2, and PSW1.