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02-12-2013, 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by cross821 View Post
I will be getting this day one for sure.
But...WHY? It is still outclassed by the Fleet Excelsior...(both in firepower and movement).

Could the Devs maybe UP the inertia??? (Since they have already cracked the gavel on any attempts to +1 the turn-rate) by declaring: "Thou shalt have a crappy 7 turn rate!"

The hull does NOT need to be increased. 39.5K hull is FINE just where the free version was. I think 95% of players would keep the hull unchanged in exchange for a +1 turn, or the like.


Fleet Kamarag Battle Cruiser

Can Equip Cannons
Extra Universal Consoles
Base Turn Rate: 10.5 degrees per second
Cloaking Device
+10 Weapon Power, +10 Engine Power


CRAP-assador Fleet Support Cruiser Retrofit

+4,950 hull
+1 Device Slot
+5 to All Subsystem Power

Hmmmmm...When compared there's no argument that the Kamarag OUTCLASSES Ambassador. It's actually disgusting. I would GLADLY TRADE the extra hull and the device slot to get an extra Universal Slot, a +3.5 base turn, Cannon-use, and +10 Weapon Power.

What would YOU rather spend YOUR MONEY on??? I think its blatently obvious which ship is the better bang for the buck.

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