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Originally Posted by squatsauce View Post
No. I didn't parse it. Instead, I simply timed how long it took me, on average, to kill a battleship one on one with the build I was using. Not quite the same, but far from anecdotal. Average engagement time dropped from 35 to 24 seconds.
and you timed this how exactly?

i would believe you, due to the fact taht both weapons have a 1s activation but the beams draw 2 more power per activation that the dps was the same but to say that turrets were flat out better may have more to do wtih your driving. i'm guessing that you routinely rotate so that the front or rear 90 of your ship cna fire a torpedo. if this is the case then many times you have only your front or rear beams hitting your target

if you had one of the 180 degree torps you would not need to do anytihng but straight broadside - allowing full beams + torp to hit your target 100% of the time. yes the 180 torp is lower dmg than a standard torp or the omega torps, but i just did 8k on ise with the build with - again - only tier 1 in omega and romulan rep right now as i just came back to the game and rolled a new character.

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