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02-12-2013, 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by lordagamemnonb5 View Post
Well, no one has rights on a forum. Everyone is bound by term of use agreements. The forum master could ban you for three days for using the letter 'E' too much in a sentence if he decided to make it a term of use violation.

Our concerns, in the long run, really don't matter. You could count on one hand the amount of legitiment concerns that have been addressed in the 3 years this game has been live. Still waiting on a complete KDF faction; a concern that has been around for 3 years. Yes, we really do matter, apparently.

Well, first you have to make money somehow and there are only but so many clothing items in the Star Trek universe you could sell.

And, atleast with the Ambassador class, the masses wanted a fleet variant. Look back in the forum at around the time the Ambassador was confirmed. A lot of people wanting a fleet variant. In this case, people's concerns were addressed since money could be made off of it.

It all comes down to money. Some may view something as price gouging, but there are always enough people that will buy said product to justify a developer gouging prices even further.
Actually people do have rights on the forums set out by the Terms of Service. But apparently some people just want to be jerks. I can think of a couple people right now. I guess some people think they need to be jerks to get their point across (which shows how weak their point is altogether).

Claiming that only a handful of concerns have been addressed is simply not true. In this thread alone they addressed the concern everyone had of the cost being too much. Half the devtracker responses are addressing concerns from the players. They just don't address many concerns that won't make them money.

As far as the top-tier gear having to be paid so the company can make money, they claimed they were making profit even back when they were subscription. They claim they've always been making profit, so having the top-tier ships require cash isn't necessary. Charging us for anything we, as players, want in the game makes the game not f2p anymore.

But it sounds to me that you agree the game is Pay2Win. If you're okay with admitting that, then you have nothing further to add. Cryptic and the rest of the community just need to admit it.