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02-12-2013, 04:24 PM
Thanks for the feedback!

I originally built the ship around GW3 and her playstyle. Since she doesn't like to micromanage and change power levels, I just had her cycle EPtS x2 and EPtAx2 x2 and bound them to her spacebar. Combined with a Warp Core Engineer, her Aux is always 100 if not 125. I would actually consider the Energy Siphon, but her power levels seem to be at a good place right now and her survivability is still good considering.

I was considering Flow Capacitors because of her Tetryon weapons, Tetryon Glider, and Tyken's Rift. When I get home, I plan on seeing how having all Flow Capacitor consoles will increase all those things. Since most of her damage output is with her energy weapons, I was wondering if it would be more economical to increase the power on her Tetryon weapons and Tetryon Glider.

If I do go with Particle Generators though, I'll probably just replace Tyken's Rift with GW1 so she can sling those things every 30 seconds.