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02-12-2013, 04:30 PM
All of the above points are valid with a few corrections:

-Phasers have a 10 second proc cooldown and 5 second max system disable duration to prevent chain-system disables.

-Disruptor Breaches are not cleared by tactical teams.

-Chroniton slows should be clearable via AP-Omega, but I'll check later to confirm.

Anyway, the bulk of non-plasma energy weapons front-load their damage or effects -- they do not require time to be effective since their impact is immediate. Phasers disable subsystems. Disruptors lower resists. Tetryons drain shields. Polarons drain susbsystem power. Plasma, on the other hand, requires time to actually deal damage, and the latter is further mitigated by stacking human leadership traits. Plasma energy weapon procs do not trigger often, and when they do, their damage dealt per stack is so trivial that passive regen will often offset it completely.

Because of the above, I suggested to make plasma dots just a little more resilient -- not higher damage, but just a little longer lasting. Players will still have plenty of time to counter plasma dot damage.

BTW, I use all the energy types except for tetryon on various ships. I would like to see plasma's proc become more viable by giving it more staying power as opposed to bigger damage quantity.