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02-12-2013, 04:33 PM
First...a disclaimer: I LOVE PLASMA!

Ahem, no - really I do. It's insane how many PDoTs you can load somebody up with from a combination of Omega, Hyper-Plasma, Regular Plasma Torps, Plasma Mines, Energy Weapons, and EWP. And they suffer from the one crit-chain crit with each PDoT (you're Omega's crit isn't going to crit your Hyper's - but if your Omega PDoT crits...and with how high you can get crit these days - mmmmm, yummy!)...

If HE wasn't already in the game, folks would be begging for something like it to be added.

Against a normal person running HE - let them. I'm spamming so much plasma in my wee tank Battle Cruiser...let them. Now then, if they're one of those AtB're going to run into problems. If they've got friends with HE's to're going to run into problems.

It's either oozing that hot awesomesauce...or you better have a backup plan, because on the ladder of usefulness - you still haven't found the ladder yet otherwise. a problem with a lot of things in STO. It's ON or it's OFF - there's no happy medium - Hell, there's no middleground at all. It's ON or it's OFF.

It's not just a problem with HE. It's a problem with all the cleanses. And it's not just a problem with cleanses, it's also a problem with SNB.

Just like a cleanse shouldn't be a complete cleanse, SNB shouldn't be a complete strip. It makes these abilities too powerful. They should cleanse X-Y debuffs and SNB should strip X-Y buffs. Maybe make the different levels cleanse more - maybe have SNB DOFFs that give the chance to strip more.

I shouldn't be able to cook people willy nilly with my Plasma...I agree with that completely. At the same time, my brothers - should they be able shut me down completely? Think about the other cleanses - you put all that effort (heck, your team may have put all that effort) into dropping a buttload of debuffs on them...they clear it all away with some little Ensign BOFF ability that they didn't have to spend a single skill point on to ruin all your fun? Think about SNB - you put all that effort (heck, your team may have put all that effort) into buffing up your lil' hunk 'o junk 'n have some Bill Nye come along and strip that all away?

Hell no, I say... make it so cleanses only cleanse X-Y debuffs and SNB only strips X-Y buffs. Make it so they only remove a limited number of what's going on - do you catch what I'm going on about?

We need to move away from this it's ON or it's OFF I right?

edit: BTW, if you're parsing your PDoTs with STOICs or ACT...well, unless they've been updated since this back on Feb 6th...then you're not parsing your PDoTs with STOICs or ACT. Break out the Notepad++ and LibreOffice Calc or Excel...

Cryptic needs to write the log better so the guys working on the parsers have an easier go at it...meh.
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