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02-12-2013, 04:34 PM
If its most damages comes with tetryon and also tetryon glider, flow capacitor are for sure but... Still GW3 its a good option, although it inst going to do much damage without partigens, if she has maxed the graviton generator, it will have a very strong hold effect, quite useful in PVE too.

Or maybe you could consider a combo of partigens and flows, putting the triple cylinder and borg console in enginering.

About Tykhen's Rift, I dont know it this ability is useful at all... Better a Transfer Shield Strengh

If you go with partigens, better than two GW, GW3 with gravimetric doff is just fireworks! Also, the TSS could release one of those EptShields, cause a partigen config would be most benefited with Eject Warp Plasma cause it increases considerably its damage, and wells fits incredibly with this ability cause its amazing speed and turnrate!
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