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yes you're right actually, jake sisko marries a black bajoran woman in 'the visitor'

and you're right about gowron, he's about 2 bottles of blood wine away from shouting at strangers in a bus station. at least he's dressed for the part..
Have to admit, I'm surprised that no other Klingon had had the stones to assassinate him before Worf put him out of his misery... The guy was a political liability, and must've been a nightmare to watch in power, what with his opinions of people shifting like quicksilver. I can imagine there were more than a few people who wound up being demoted or ostracized through no fault of their own, other than one of Gowron's crazy tantrums... Centauri Emperor Kartagia (sp?) was equally a complete loon, but at least one knew where one stood with him, but Gowron was as likely to turn on a friend as he was an enemy