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02-12-2013, 05:44 PM
I've been thinking a bit about this due to the challenge of playing a Betazoid captain and not doing either Deanna Troi (primarily active listening) or Lwaxana (intrusive, god-modding, and likely unethical.) Her compromise is generally to only call people out on their internal thoughts if she thinks it's relevant to operation of the ship. She expects her bridge crew to speak directly with honesty and candor, and will interrupt and ask questions if she's not getting it.

On the romance front, she's notorious for openly dressing down a junior officer for fantasizing about multiple members of the bridge crew. She pointed out in no uncertain terms that she was legally married (if separated), that for her to give him that kind of reputation would unethically harm his career, and that his imagined sexual prowess was likely exaggerated. The resulting ship-board rumor that she's unavailable and a stickler for rules in this area has worked well to keep those problems out of her office.