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02-12-2013, 05:03 PM
The Fleet Excelsior is pretty much the best PVE cruiser fedside, outside of lockbox ships. It's tough as bricks, it's nimble, and aside from the worthless enisgn engy slot it basically has a perfect BOFF layout. Get the right build and setup going (and this won't be cheap, mind you...) and you can compete with escorts in damage while being tough as a cruiser. The Regent is really its only competition, and it just doesn't quite match up (extra tac console, but at the cost of science console which are a lot more useful these days; worse turn; and an ensign tac isn't much better than an ensign engie). Even the non-fleet version is pretty damn good, and competes pretty well with fleet ships.

Also it's the best looking Trek ship bar none, if you're old enough to appreciate the best 70's styling has to o