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02-12-2013, 07:16 PM
Please, don't shout "ur just a whiney tac!". But I have to voice my say as an escort captain. I seriously don't need my friends setting new records on how fast they can melt my 44k hull through full shields with the conga line of plasma spam. It's bad enough that I can't defend against something I can't even do anything about. HE only lasts so long.

Also, as mentioned above subnuc shouldn't completely strip my alpha strike. Then I'm essentially just a roast waiting to be thrown on the plasma grill. So if you reduce the effectiveness of HE, my only way of prolonging my inevitable death by fire, then I might as well not battle. And having subnuc take it away altogether is not fun.

One OP way after another of completely wrecking eachother. Maybe I'm at a disadvantage by sticking to the ol' escort way of just loading up as much tactical power as I can. Maybe it really is that I just can't do anything against plasma. If you're trying to bring balance, nerfing HE is not the way to do it. Now there is a whole lot else that needs to be balanced, but let's not get into that now.

I went through some kind of ramble here about plasma, but I underlined the main point.