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02-12-2013, 07:24 PM
Seriously more spam and sensor analyis on Cruisers?

You know there are already more ship types fed side w/hangars than KDF?

Feds already have sturdy support ships w/sensor analysis. They're called Sci Ships and Feds are far better than KDF options.

There are Cruiser/Sci ships crossovers. Look for the 1s w/Commander Sci Lt Commander Eng or Commander Eng Lt Commander Sci Boff layouts. Look @ the Oddy Sci varient w/Sensor Analysis already in the game.

There are Cruiser Escort Crossovers (destoyers and Heavy Escort Carrier).

At this point I'd rather people just buy the ship that fits their style, (it's likely already in the game) then ask for Hologram skins of their favorite ship.