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02-12-2013, 08:03 PM
Hope Cryptic didn't put all their eggs in the NW basket. First time, I actually looked at NW.

Doubt there are that many 4th Edition DnD fanboys (if any, tbh) that will be willing to whale up. Word on the street sounds pretty negative until one goes to the NW forums. I will refrain from saying something about fools and their money. Am sure they are nice fans of the IP. LOL

As an older gamer, NW looks quite dated to me and just more of the same small scale, heavily instanced gameplay. Am sure we can add lag as a feature, also.

Just noticed no mention of PVP on the NW site. Seriously? Just like DDO. How lame. I stayed away from DDO due to that. I used to PnP it up back in the day and had many scraps with party members requiring quite a few character re-rolls. There were even a few rl black eyes and loose teeth as a result.

Gratz to Cryptic for stretching their dollar and making sure I save mine!

May is coming!
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