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02-12-2013, 09:36 PM
one of my worst STF i had was when i had to do a full infected space pug match and at the start we attacked the cube and the spheres, everything looked fine in team chat i see one of the players speck about the ten % rule. as a player who is use to doing this stf i said "Understood 10%" as we head the the second Cube.

We take the cube down and we all pick a gen since there was 4 and i had to turn around i didn't get a target and what do i see, the same one who said 10% blew his gen, then trys to blame someone else namely me and i wasn't even in range of his gen. With my Fleet tactical escort retrofit (The defiant) I took down the rest of the gens and the transformer as this guy is like you guys suck and left the match.

I was shocked but kept the team running and we not only beat it in less the 20 mins we got the secondery goal and i got 2 new fleet members from that stf who was in his fleet. a day later i ran into him in another stf the same infected space and he starts saying he is reporting me for stealing his fleet members and i am the lowest form of person and yet her again blows his gen and leaves the match. This time i didn't get the secondery but i did get the match done in 20 mins. Missed the secondery by 1.30 seconds.

next time don't use autofire on an SFT.

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