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Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
If it ain't 3d6 it ain't D&D.
Not sure how you meant it, but you really aren't that far off. D&D was about chance, and how your character would turn out from the choices he/she made, not by choosing a special class. It was actually more realistic because of it.

For the first time I kind of checked it out myself. From an old school D&D player, it aint D&D. Pffft, a "Control Wizard".... really? Mages/Wizards gathered and learned their spells as they came across them/bought them/stole them. They were white/red/ black robed mages....or those that were renegade. Mages did not sit around and ponder which set would benefit their team play the most.

"So Raistlin, what kind of mage do you want to be?"
"Thank you for asking. I want to be a control mage so I can knock people down while my brother Caramon tanks them."

I know it's a new day and age, and D&D has changed here and there as time went on. This however is the storyline of D&D, without the substance of what D&D was. It is merely CoH/CO with a sword&sorcerer feel to it.

The problem is that they feel everyone is looking for those types of classes, and they may be right. Everyone has to be equal to each other, so you have to take choice out of the equation to insure no one is "less".

I hope I am wrong, but really, it doesn't matter. I am thoroughly enjoying STO right now.

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