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Sometimes. The problem I have is that as good as the character creator is, there are a lot of weird limitations that prevent me from fully appreciating my Boffs. Not being able to use off-duty outfits, the Videk robes, and the M.A.C.O./OMEGA Force outfits on Boffs, not to mention the fact that you can't really make young/adolescent characters or females with chests smaller than a B-Cup, or fat people really well.

There's supposed to be three adolescent characters, one of them in robes/a dress, a fully armed M.A.C.O. unit for warzones (my captain ain't no dummy), as well as a few species that aren't in the game yet. The decided lack of those options kind of ruins the fun.
You can make adolescent Gorn: scale them on the shrimpy side, set stance to "creature" and leave off the head spines.

My KDF main is a deeply conflicted Gorn who yearns to free his people from Klingon oppression but is unwilling to give up the power and prestige that comes with being a celebrated general in the KDF. The one thing he hates most about Klingons is the way that they press-gang Gorn children to serve in their military, either not realizing or not caring that Gorn mature at about half the rate that Klingons do. (A 14-y.o. Klingon is a full adult, but at that age a Gorn is a pre-adolescent.) So he has rescued and adopted several young Gorn who now serve on his crew. He is extremely protective of them, but he gives them some responsibilities and even brings them along on some less-dangerous away missions.

My Fed main (human tac) had a relationship with his Andorian security chiefbut he had her reassigned when things got too hot. He hasn't allowed himself any further personal relationships with his crew, although his replacement security chief is his adopted (alien) brother.

The two of them (Ssharki and LaRoca) were close friends before the war. (Ssharki spent some time on Earth and served briefly in Starfleet as part of a cultural exchange.) They remain in close correspondence, and have arranged an informal officer exchange by swapping junior security officers.

I'm still working on developing RP for my other toons.

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