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There is absolutely no net benefit to mixing energy types. You're losing out on significant DPS by using Prefire Chambers instead of type-specific energy consoles for a single type, and even more so by using Directed Energy Distribution Manifolds on a cannon-using ship because DEDMs do not boost cannon (including turret) damage at all. You get in return for your lost DPS a small chance of a secondary proc that will often be negligible, while decreasing the chance (by decreasing volume of fire) of your primary weapon type's proc.
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Agreed with Mandoknight89, also I would use ATB1 where your CSS1 is and use CSS2 where your APB2 is as it will bring your AoE damage a tad higher. Also get a tactical captain to train APO3 if you can instead of APO2 as it's better without sacrificing anything.

I find the tetryon proc is mostly pointless on escorts as your damage melts shields before the proc does anything significant so I would change all your turrets and dual heavy canons to plasma and use plasma infusers, one of these wouldn't hurt either
So anyways...done somewhat as far as the the Escort goes. Don't got the EC nor hte Dilithium to buy the turrets and cannons so crafting them and got 2x Plasma DHCs (VII and VIII blue) and the Phaser DHC it came with up front along with the Har'pheng Torp Mk VIII that I picked up from The Doomsday Machine. I can't get the Turrets though (not enough Artifacts to make two of them and only a 910 R&D ranking).

I did the abilities though I am assuming ATB1 was supposed to be Attack Pattern Beta 1? I got a friend who might be able to give me APO3.

I'm assuming the Cruisers are okay though?
Cruisers do not suck at DPS and Escorts are not Tanks. If you think this, you need to reread the definition of Tank.
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