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02-13-2013, 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by raventomoe View Post
I'm assuming the Cruisers are okay though?
Honestly, they're really not, I think people just hit the damage type mixing first because it was the most obvious and most absolute total mistake. For both cruisers you should definitely go for the 6 BA option, anything less sacrifices a lot of DPS (also consider 3-4 single cannons fore and 4 turrets aft, if you can keep it on target it will improve your DPS, although keeping it on target could be difficult). I'm assuming that by APtS you mean Auxiliary to Structural (usual abbreviations are A2SIF or AtSIF, or occaisionally just A2S, yours is just a little too close to EPtS). In that case both builds have a huge problem in that they don't have a continuous EPtS chain. That's a huge piece of the survivability of any ship, cruisers especially. You can get there either by running 2 copies of it or by running one copy with 2 copies of Aux to Battery and 3 high quality Technician doffs. If you want the minimum change version, drop the EPtA (you can't use it with the others effectively anyway) and replace it with an EPtS. Of course, most damage dealing cruisers run 2 copies of EPtW as well, and rely on sci slots to make up the healing difference (mainly because sci abilities kind of suck and the heals are the best of the bunch), so I would drop one of your hull heals for that. Or you could do the dual AtB thing, run 1 copy each of EPtS1 and EPtW1, drop A2SIF and for the Support Cruiser drop Eng Team as well (or get an RSP3 and drop EWP instead, and rely on your GW1). So that would ideally look something like this:

EPtS1, AtB1, (ET3)
EPtW1, AtB1, RSP2/ET3, EWP3/RSP3

Your other slots need some work as well. You really don't want to run STFs without at least one Tac Team to clear Assimilate ship, apart from its shield redistribution benefits. For sci slots skip FBP and TR, neither is powerful enough to be worth giving up your heals for, and I would also advise against the PH, tractor immunity is nice, but only critical in PvP, for PvE I sit in tractor beams all the time. Instead, get HE and Transfer Shield Strength, with the GW in the LtC spot staying. I would offer the same advice for the sci slots on your escort as well, get HE and TSS, and maybe there you can keep the PH, if not get a second copy of one of those, or maybe a sci team.

That's at least a general idea of where you should be headed.