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02-13-2013, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by s7ike View Post
I think your using some false logic to back up your argument.
Firstly-That fifth tac console means absolutely nothing to your dps...and most "Pilots" will tell you that.
Secondly-If your "almost" bringing down a bug with your bop, then you're either a spike bop or a person that is simply better than that bug pilot. I wouldn't make the assumption that you "almost" killed him in a bug that you'd definitely kill him in any other ship.
Sure the ship gives you an edge, ships in this game are like consoles, even though they may be the same "tier" they have different values of worth to individuals.
But in all honesty i haven't seen a non spike bop take out a good escort pilot in a while... without help at least.
Oh, I DO run a "Spikey" BoP-have to, really, the design isn't really good for sustained fighting while de-cloaked...

but I"m also a Mediocre pilot-I have slow reflexes and poor coordination, take unnecessary risks, often end up hanging outside of support range, and tend to 'luck in' to good equipment combinations because I don't have the patience to grindgrindgrind for the best gear.

Ergo, if I'm killing (or nearly killing) a Jem'bug, it's because the pilot sucks worse than I do-and not a little bit worse, but a whole LOT worse.

Because I can do the math-and the math says I shouldn't be able to take him with the half-assed build I'm running, no keybinds, and shoddy hand-eye-coordination.

as for DPS-I can read the difference between 4 TC on a Hoh'sus and 3 TC on a Fleet Norgh-and it's a LOT of diffference. I don't see how 5 TC can't be as significant as 4, to be honest, esp. running the same weapons and energy types, or similar weapons of the same Mk type, so I don't buy your argument that a 5th Tac Console isn't a factor in DPS-because I can READ (and fairly fast-the scrolling numbers aren't hard to keep track of and there's always going back over the logs after...)

So...If I'm in a Fleet Norgh (which, at present, my main IS), and I'm up against a Jem'bug (which was the case the other night), I have a pretty good bet that he's going to be doing more damage than I am with every volley, and I know for a fact he's got more guns to volley WITH than I do.

7 weapons vs. 6, same turn rate (assuming we're not both running systems that boost turn rate), Higher base shield, higher base hull, more tac consoles and a higher impulse mod.

Both running spike layouts it comes down to which of us can keep the other guy in front of their guns while the buffs are going-and he's not having to devote as much of his BOFF stations to mere survival as I do, since his base defense is higher(at all times, unless he's doing something wrong), while I only get enough 'spike' to hurt him for about 5 seconds while I'm de-cloaking (5 seconds where I have NO shields, btw).

which is NOT enough time to take him out, given my sludgy reflexes. If I'm beating this guy in a Bugship, it's because he isn't any good, not because I (snicker) am.

'cause I'm not-I've SEEN good in a BoP, I ain't it.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."