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02-13-2013, 01:52 AM
Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
its a good idea but i dont like it. would have to move it into engy. you just created a new engy skill and destroyed a tact skill. epts would be nice with a 5 sec shield distro, the way tt works.

take the shield distro off of tt, make tt have a 5 sec clear but boost the dps . then tt is a true tact skill. right now tt just does not seem like a tact skill other then the clear part of it.
But thats the point isnt it ? To make a new ensign level engineering skill, because there is lack of them. At the same time, removing distro from TT and creating opportunity cost for ships with limited engineering stations -> escorts.

Keep in mind that because we NEED shield distro in TT, it pretty much makes using Sci/Eng team a very dangerous endeavor.

Even more, that gimps ships with limited tac stations more and on the other hand, gives ships with limited engineering stations a free defence skill without making them to think much about their engineering boffs.

Giving shield distro to EptS does solve nothing, because everyone tries to have it at 100% uptime anyway.