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Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
yes but it can be like a 5-10 sec free distor as fast as tt gives it. then people will be forced into using epts. just go into any lvl 50 pve(stf) or even into pvp. you might not even see epts.

right now people just pop tt as soon as they can, thats just stupid. the dps boost it not there. thats why when you see tt up just hold on crf, till its over.

make the clear on tt 5 secs and up the dps boost so that way i actually feel like i have a tact skill and not a cross of engy with feel of tact to it.
But that does not solve the fact, that having many engineering ensigns is useless. You would just give yet another benefit to EpTS, while the oher EptX have miniscule bonuses in comparison.

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