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Indeed, it is only a matter of time now. Any way just a thought ladies and gentlemen, on the BTE the neck and and nacelles support struts or legs, cant remember what they are actually called, why not just make those parts of he ship stronger if it is a weak point? Anyway I don't know how it is a weak point if the BTE is a ship or exploration, from a military point of view yes I can agree.
They're called pylons and the problem they pose is a catch 22, they could be made progressively stronger but that adds to the mass of the ship which then requires more propulsion energy to move them which generates additional stress that has to be compensated for with additional structure adding to the mass of the ship which requires even more propulsion energy and so it escalates. This is why I suggested using super conductors and magnetic fields, this reenforces the structure without adding to the mass of the ship and it is beneficial to keep the ship as light as possible.
Nothing travels in a straight line in space and no doubt the ship will be making extensive use of planetary gravity to maneuver between solar orbits to reach different planets, but it will need a propulsion system of sufficient thrust to decelerate into planetary orbits since it's not a design suited to aerobraking to burn off momentum, an option which is only available for planets with sufficient atmospheres anyway, that same sort of thrust would also be needed to accelerate it to orbital escape velocities that doesn't take years to accomplish. Ion propulsion might not be suitable for such since Ion engines are very low acceleration devices. A ship that takes a century to maneuver through the solar system would not be of practical use for the purposes we are discussing. Conventional fuel oxidizer propulsion is not energy efficient and not practical because of the mass needed for just fuel for a long flight, so we end up with alternatives like nuclear pulse engines or if a source could be secured and technology developed, matter/antimatter, which would provide the high energy, high acceleration needed for a practical design.