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Originally Posted by jonpark020979 View Post
First being a tactical officer i would put all your skills in the following slots

under Tactical

Starship attack patterns
Starship weapons training


Driver coil until you open Lt.commander slot (you will need the power later in admiral slots)

Science and Operations
Starship shield emitters

the rest put in ground skills and this should open your Lt.Commander options.

If you need any other help i can be reached in game at JonPark@JonPark

or here in the forams

good luck and see you in game
IMO, this is not a good idea. Driver coil is commonly seen as the least useful skill, as it has little to no effect in actual combat. Also, filling out all 9 levels of a skill is also not recommended, as the last 3 levels often give very little benefit. I suggest looking at the spec detailed here:

This is an excellent guide for those new to the game.

As for traits, most who want best possible performance will go with Alien, or a species with at least two selectable traits. For these two, you can't go wrong with Accurate and Elusive.
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