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02-13-2013, 03:18 AM
As a big fan of the Fleet Excelsior i can tell you i tried alot of things with that old Lady.
From a cannon built to a beamboat to a mix of both and so on. I also tried out alot of engineering powrs to match my impression of what that ship should be able to do, wich is as follows:
Deal more damage than a standart cruiser while being able to tank well. Tanking well means for me. Flying in front of a tac cube in pve and take the agro and survive most shots (apart from the occasional one shot wonder) and in pvp it should be able to face most things 1on1 and survive 2vs1 long enough to get away.
So far it worked well enough. 1on1 against my fleetmates it gets the victory most of the time. In the Ker`rat system i usualy test my builds for durability. Im happy when after a spawn my ship is the last to be blown up by those klingons. Bops ar anoying but mostly manageble, curisers are a piece of cake most times , but raptors are very hard to go 1on1 against.

However, those are just my expieriences with that ship. So heres my build , maybe you can find something usefull for you. And maybe i can get some advice as well.

Tactical Captain.

Forward weapons: 3x fleet advanced phaser beam arrays (ACC), 1x wideangle Quantum torpedo

Rear weapons: 3x fleet advanced phaser beam arrays (ACC), 1 Fleet Quantumtorpedo (ACC)

For PVP You should go for ACCx2 or even ACCx3 - im to low on ECs at the moment to go for those - i still have a whole set of standart purple mkXII phaser beams with ACC,CrtH,DMG wich wort just as well as those overrated fleet weapons.

Deflector, Engine, Shields: MACO Mk XI for PVE/STFs ( Aegis for PVP)

Devices: Weapon-battery, Shield-battery, Aux-Battery, Subspace-field-modulator

(Whenever i can get them ill ither take the large battery versions of the above or the double batteries like Shield+Aux -Battieries.

Consoles: Transwarp-Computer, Borg-assimilated module, Phaser-point-defense-system,
Neutronium Alloy MkXI purple

2x Field Generator MK XII blue

4xPhaser Relais Mk XI purple

This console Setup is what i use for PVE and STFs. For PVP maps and duels i use other consoles, mostly in place of the transwarp computer.
Consoles i found usefull are : Tachyokinetic converter, Zero Point Energyy Conduit, RCS Thrusters, Grappler

For Boff Powers i use:

Tac LTC: Tactical Team I , Torpedo Spread II , Beam Overload III

Eng COM: Emergency Power to Weapons I, Auxiliary to Structural I, Directed Energy Modulation II, Reverse Shield Polarity III

Eng LT, Engineering Team I , Emergency Power to Weapons II

Eng ENS: Emergency Power to Shields I

SCI LT: Science Team I, Feedback Pulse I

Doffs Space: Buff for Tactical Team reduced cooldown, Projectile Officer for faster Torpedo reloads, Doff for DEM wich reduces Energy drain, Doff for reduced cooldown for beam attacks, Doff for reduction in Boff abilities cooldown
All are purple.
Alternativly for Borg STFs i have a Doff that increases damage against Borg. I usualy swap out the tectical team doff for it.

Thats a configuration that works quite well for me. The one thing that bugs me are it has alot of tier I powers and engineering powers often have shared cooldowns.
I thought of replacing one of the Emergency power to weapons with something else and more usefull but i dont want to loose the tier II ability and there is nothing much usefull to replace it.
Only Engineering team I comes to mind but than id have 4 team powers with shared cooldowns. Not very efficient either.

Cruisers ftw!