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02-13-2013, 04:15 AM
Originally Posted by hydrodura View Post
Extend shields 3 with shield level at 124/100 you get 186.1 shield regen. Reduce damage to shields by 42.5 for 30 sec.
Say you do 2 extend shields 3 on one ship. That ship has a 85% resist to damage. Then if the ship being extended uses eps 1 he get 18% more resist. So that total on that single ship is 103% shield resist. And if the ship extending are useing warp core engineer 10% more resist for 8 sec that would be 20% from both ships you add it up.
If each ship runs 2 copy of extend shields the globol cool down is 30 sec same time the power last on the ship being extended so the ship receiveing the extends will have superman shields for the entire match.
Then you say subnuk the ship being extended you can subnuk the ship but the extends do not come off
So when new players try to come to a pvp that what happen you cant do damage to a ship with over 100% ship shield resist. Extend shield should only help the ship get shield regen not add resist.

ONLY ways to knock out extends is Tricobalt mines. Photonic shockwave or knock out the ship shield that is doing the extending
You shameless OP tac person how can you say that ? ES is one rare eng ability that the UP eng captains can use effectively to support their team. Not to say that you need to be in 7 km to your target to cast it in what is horrible when your turn rate is catastrophic ! You probably don't know what a cruiser ship is, sure you fly your jem bug or some sci ship, and you never thought that ES could be abused from the sci captains in sci ships because they maneuverability can bring them into 7 km much faster!