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02-13-2013, 05:27 AM
3 phaserbeam-arrays MkXII ACC-CrtH-DMG , 1 Wideangle Quantum Torpedo
3 phaserbeam-arrays MkXII ACC-CrtH-DMG , 1 Quantum Torpedo MKXII ACC-CrtH-DMG

Aegis Set

Weapon-Battery, Shield-Battery, Aux-Battery, Subspace-Field- Modulator

Borg-Assimilated-Module, Phaser-Point-Defence-System, Tachyokinetic-Converter, Neutronium-Alloy Mk XI purple

2xField-Generator Mk XII blue

3xPhaser Relais Mk XI purple


Tac LT: Torpedo Spread I, Beam Overload II

Tac Ens: Tactical Team

ENG Com: Emergency Power to Weapons I, Auxiliary to Sructural I, Directed-Energy-Modulation II, Reverse Sield-Polarity III

ENG Lt: Enginerring Team I, Emergency Poer to Weapons II

SCI Ltc: Science Team I, Photonic Officer I, Feedback-Pulse II
Cruisers ftw!