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02-13-2013, 06:05 AM
Everything that makes a engineering captain is UP his ship his weapons his career skills ! Eng bof skills can use anyone efficiently tac and sci, what bring the question what makes a eng cruiser captain a tanker? He is no better tanker that a sci captain btw sci have even better bof tanking skills"PH, TSS, HE and why do they have them they are no tanks" And the damage from beam arrays and torp is not noticable in most cases, and why its because we have bug tanks and thick shield sci. So why bother you can see almost no eng in a cruiser in pvp space that doesnt pop like popcorn in the first 30 sec, maybe if he uses RSP that will give few exciting seconds. So much for the balance the cruiser ships from the ST series are myths for our cruisers they just share the same look! btw I have all three career on my account so I know