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02-13-2013, 05:25 AM
What Klingon focus to the KDF? I'm sure you ment the Federation focus to the KDF!

Jokes aside, I hear you 100%. First of all, there should be more content, period. Then the allied races to the KDF should be more represented. There is an immerse potential here, that has not been tapped in yet. Hell, a several FE could be created by trying to explain the path of Orions/Nausicaans/Letheans etc. to the Klingon Empire.

I also agree that some slight adjustments would be nice. Like the previous post mentioning an Orion girl walking into Gte'thor. There should be some option that the game recognizes your race and changes the interaction/mission/outcome based on that. Something like when you pet a Tribble with your Klingon it screams, but when I pet it with my Ferasan it purrs.
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