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# 1 Tac Build Plz Help
02-13-2013, 05:38 AM
Apologize in advance for the wall of text. Been to all the Bootcamps and have learned a tremendous amount. TYVM Now I'm trying to adjust my build but have a number of questions for the experts. I appreciate all your input on my Cruiser/Engi build (that turned out great!) but now I need you help please on my Escort/Tac.

1. Unlucky with getting a JHAS I'm in a RA Patrol Escort. Any suggestions for an upgrade? I've been thinking of:
Chimera Destroyer or Fleet Patrol - until I bug or something else comes out, but I really want that 5th Tac Console; so maybe...

Fleet Defiant Retrofit or Fleet Advanced - but both seem to have an useless extra Boff Tac Ensign, when they could really use an Engi Ensign.

2. This is the main point of my thread. I have 2 tacs, but am having trouble with my BOFF set up due to DOFFs.
Eng and Sci are standard:


My problem/question involves the tac slots.

For my newbie tac va I have:
4 DHC Polarized Disruptors Acc CrtH
3 Turrets Polarized Disruptors Acc CrtH

For my main Tac, I bought 2 AP Doffs and 1 Engy Wpns Off-reduce CD on Cannon Special Attacks Doff. So my thinking was that with these doffs I only need one copy of APO but then what do I do with my Lt slot? I put in a BO2 with a DBB.
TT1, BO2, APD2
3 DHC Polarized Disruptors Acc CrtH, 1 DBB Pol Disrp Acc CrtH
3 Turrets Polarized Disruptors Acc CrtH

Is this a good idea? Isn't better to have all cannons, and if so what should I replace BO2 with? I almost think I'm better off without the expensive doffs, or maybe I'm not using them right.