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02-13-2013, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
My point was there are plenty of good pilots out there in many different ships but noone has ever faced one and said that the Galaxy is OP or the Defiant is OP or that the Raptor is OP, Nebula, etc.

The only ship that anyone ever complained about was the BoP back during the first 2 Seasons because of it's diversity and there was no other ship like it but even then, it still had it's drawbacks and only good pilots unlock their potential and even a good cruiser pilot could kill a stubborn BoP.

The JHAS is training wheels for PvP noobs with big wallets and unlimited EC's from endless PvE grinding. Even those puggers can still be competative, if not effective.

Good Bug pilots in a coordinated premade are both the shield and the spear.

The bug was barely tolerable when only a small handfull of people had it. Since it's twice-reintroduction, they're now littering the battlefield.

Giving more people the opportunity to aquire a JHAS is not a good way to balance PvP, imo.

Let me get this straight, basically your saying in so many words that if someone in a bug gets killed their a noob right?